Placing an Order:

Placing an order with us is easy, simple and secure.
You can place an order in any of the following four ways:

  1. Phone:
    Call our number 678-581-5185 at any time during our normal business hours and we can assist you quickly.
  2. Fax:
    Fax in your order and/or any translation or artwork that you would like to use to 678-581-5173 and we will contact you with a confirmation.
    Please include your contact information, along with your email address.
  3. Mail:
    You may mail in your order, but please be sure to include the exact item #, belt specifications, and embroidery information if applicable, and payment information. You may include a check or money order along with the order, OR call us with your credit card information.
  4. Online:
    This is the quickest, most efficient and the most popular method of ordering with us. Once the order is submitted, we will review the order to ensure that all the pertinent information has been provided, and if so, your order status will be updated to "Processing". However, if any key information is missing or unclear, we will contact you either via phone or email to clarify. Please note that your order status must be updated to "Processing" to confirm that your order is complete.